CCC Re-application Process(Products of same category)

CCC mark,CCC certification,china ccc certification application,ccc china compulsory certification applying
CCC mark,CCC certification,china ccc certification application,ccc china compulsory certification applying
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CCC Re-application Process(Products of same category)

CCC Re-application Process(Products of same category)

1.The applicant fills in the CCC Application Form:,faxing or e-mail such form along with the 'Business License' and 'Organization Code Certification' of applicant(if the applicant,manufacturer and the factory are not the same company, the 'Product Safety Certification Intent Application Form 'Business License' and 'Organization Code Certification' of those certain companies should be faxed or e-mailed,respectively) to 8621-51095580-807 or
2.Our office will have a preliminary check after receiving the documents.Once we can make sure that this application can be proceeded,we will fax or mail the document list for CCC re-application for products of same category:
1)Product Safety Certification Intent Application( (with standard format)(must submit)
2)CCC Certification Formal Application Form,which will be emailed back to the applicant after we have confirmed the submitted Product Safety Certification Intent Application(with standard format)
3)Copy of business license of the enterprise for CCC certification(Note:copy of factory's registration certificate and contract signed by the factory and the enterprise if the enterprise is not the factory)(must submit)
4)Copy of organization code certificate of the applicant for CCC certification(must submit if the applicant is in China)
5)Product description for CCC certification,which is different from production explanation and instruction,with standard format(must submit)
6)Product assembly drawing,electrical diagrams or circuit diagrams(must submit)
7)List of key components and materials(with standard format)(must submit)
8)Difference description of all models of products in the same application unit(the enterprise for CCC certification shall submit with form format,the standard one will be sent after reviewed)(with standard format)(must submit)
9)Conformity declaration(certificate show the sample delivered by the enterprise for test is produced by itself)(must submit)
10)Product nameplate(must submit)
11)Copy of CCC certification factory follow-up inspection/initial inspection report for products of same category
12)CB reports within valid date(if have)
13)Trust deed by the third party(if have)
(4 copies of documents above with applicant/manufacturer seal),and send to our office.
3.We will check the integral original documents for CCC re-application for products of same category sent by the applicant,if they are all valid,we will fax or mail 'CCC Notice Charge in Advance' and 'Notice Sample' to applicant.(CCC cost for CCC re-application The applicant must fax or mail the 'Remittance Slip' back to us. Meanwhile,the applicant shall send samples to the designated laboratory where the products will be under CCC type test within 7 working days after we have sent 'Notice Sample'. After receiving the remittance and confirming the payment,the type test will begin.Part of the type test items unqualified,the applicant is allowed to rectified,which shall be completed in the specified period in Test Amendment Notice(count from the date when notifying the unqualified type test).Otherwise,it will be regarded as waive the application.The applicant can terminate the application.After passing rectification test of part of items,Test Report for CCC Prodcut Type Test will be issued by the inspection body and shall be reported to the audit department.
4.After confirming the Test Report for CCC Product Type Test,Factory Initial Inspection/Follow-up Inspection Report,which are all valid,the audit department will carry out comprehensive assessment and not change the factory code.After pass comprehensive assessment,the CCC certificate of new certificate No.will be issued.

CCC Re-application Process(Products of same category)(Word file):

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