New Version Standards-Small-Power Motor-Implemented in Aug.1, 2010

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CCC mark,CCC certification,china ccc certification application,ccc china compulsory certification applying
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New Version Standards-Small-Power Motor-Implemented in Aug.1, 2010

Announcement of Requirements of Implementation New Version Standards for Small-Power Motor Product CCC Certification-Announcement No.4, 2010.(Updating Standards GB12350-2009 for Small-Power Motor)

Applicable standards GB12350-2009 Safety requirements of small-power motors (call new version standards later) for small-power motor products CCC certification have been issued, which shall be implemented in Aug.1, 2010.
Since that day, the manufacture, sales and imports of all corresponding products which fit the "new version standards" shall satisfy the new standards according to the "Standardization Law of the People's Republic of China".
For the effectiveness implementation of it by the related units, we announce here the implement requirements of the new version standards according to Notice of the relevant issues of compulsory product certification during the revision of standard. [No.18,2005]. Please follow by related units.
1. From the issue date to Jul.31,2010, both the new version standards and GB12350-2000 (call old version standards later) shall be chosen voluntarily by the applicant. From Aug. 1, 2010, the certification body shall adopt new version standards for certification and issue certification certificates of new version standards.
2. For certified products, the certificate holder of it old version standards shall submit the application of certificate transformation of old to new version standards( after the new version standards issued and before the next investigation inspection, and accept the inspection of difference items (see attachment) from laboratory according to corresponding standards. After approval, the certificate of new version standards will be issued. Considering the major differences between the new version standards and the old ones, to insure the completeness of the test report, test report of all item shall be issued to the certificate holder after difference item test by the laboratory.
The transformation of certificate of old version standards shall be finished before Aug. 1, 2011. Otherwise, the certificate shall be suspended by the certification body. If the transformation has not been finished before Nov. 1,2011, the certificate will be withdrawn by the certification body.
3. There is no need for transformation of certificate for certified products which have been out of factory and put into the market, and not produced any more before Aug. 1, 2010.
4. In terms of Chapter 12 provision "The assessment of insulation structure" of the new version standard, for the lack of basic database information of motor insulation structure, the test cycle of insulation structure heat-resistant aging service life test is too long (approximately 2.5 years) and the test fee of it is relatively expensive according to the standard. Temporarily, the existing test resources, data and information can not satisfy the cycle requirement of CCC certification. Considering the situation above, since the date of this announcement issued, designated certification body and laboratory can control "The assessment of insulation structure" via the test report issued by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) certificated laboratories or the 12th provision satisfied self-declaration of that product issued by certification client when issuing/transforming the certificate according the new version standard.
When the basic database of "The assessment of insulation structure" and the inspection ability of the laboratory has developed to further level, we will unify researching and issuing the detailed requirements of implementation compulsory certification of this provision.
5. For successful transformation of CCC certificate, all designated certification bodies shall formulate detailed implementation documents according to the requirements above, and adopt effective ways to inform the old certification holder of old version standards in time, urging them to submit the application for certificate transformation and send samples for test as soon as possible so that they can finish the certificate transformation within deadline. Meanwhile, in order to simplify and relieve the burdens of enterprises, the certification body also shall satisfy the requirements as follows with relevant measures:
1. In terms of the certified products, which shall have been defined as one application unit because of the date of application, shall be regarded as one unit when implementing additional test.
2. The test of transformation products shall follow our test area, principally in the original laboratory.
3. If the laboratory deems that the product will be affected because of the change of safety standard transformation and the added Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is required, that laboratory shall report to the certification body for confirmation.
4. The certification body shall report the affair of certificate transformation to us seasonally which include the certificate transformation rate and existing problems so that we can know the process.
All designated laboratories shall report the new standard testing ability to our certification supervise bureau before Mar. 31, 2010 and report the confirmation of the qualification test for laboratories which have passed the new version standards for filing in time.

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