CCC Certification Guideline (OEM,ODM Application)

CCC mark,CCC certification,china ccc certification application,ccc china compulsory certification applying
CCC mark,CCC certification,china ccc certification application,ccc china compulsory certification applying
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CCC Certification Guideline (OEM,ODM Application)

The Guideline of CCC certification  (OEM,ODM Application)

Definition of CCC certification(OEM,ODM):
1.OEM factory:OEM factory is just a fabrication plant,various applicant/manufacturer use OEM factory to produce various trademark products under OEM factory system,but product design/production process control/inspection requirement must be provided by applicant and manufacturer themselves,carry out different factory management by different applicant requirement.The factory system is not necessary to recheck when CCC certification factory inspection,but inspection of production process control and test,product consistency check can not be exempted.

2.ODM factory:Various applicant/manufacturer produce various trademark products under identical design,quality system and inspection requirement.This can exempt from CCC certification factory inspection if document validated by certification body.(Under the same production condition and identical product structure,just different in trademark or product model,if document validated, can exempt from type test (all items) of CCC certification,but can carry out validation type test by actual condition.)

3.At present,such as mobile phone assembly production method:With CKD or SKD separate parts to assemble,then test partially,but tagging label and certification mark.If producing area indicated on nameplate is this factory,CCC certification factory must be this assembly factory,but should check factory how to control supplier strictly.

4.Production in site A,but replace plug and tagging mark in site B:The CCC certification factory must be A factory,if production and inspection in site A,but replace plug and tagging mark in another site B (may be workshop、maintenance station、warehouse and such) which is expedient for marching China market and meet Chinese demand,but should check control which factory A for factory B,can arrange special visiting to factory B if necessary.

5.Factory of category Ⅲ electric appliance:The management factory is this factory,if this factory produce category Ⅲ electric appliance only, but electrical power adapter is purchased from outside,inspection/packing/shipment in the factory of category Ⅲ electric appliance.The certification institute must check factory how to control supplier of electric power adapter strictly,can arrange special visiting to supplier of electrical power adapter which had not got certificate if necessary.

6.Complete set is produced in factory A,but install one card and software only in factory B,CCC certification factory is factory A,should carry out operation control for factory B,production site and CCC certification inspection factory should be factory A.

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