Notice about the requirements of certificate transform from old regulation to new regulation

CCC mark,CCC certification,china ccc certification application,ccc china compulsory certification applying
CCC mark,CCC certification,china ccc certification application,ccc china compulsory certification applying
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Notice about the requirements of certificate transform from old regulation to new regulation

Notice about the requirements of certificate transform from old regulation to new regulation

Authorized certification organization:
According to 'Stipulations about Arrangement of Compulsory Product Regulation Implementation' (announcement No.2 by State Certification and Accreditation Administration, 2001), in order to ensure the transition of certification system from Quality Permissive System of product safety for import/export, Compulsory Supervision System of product safety certification and related system ('old system' as following) to Compulsory Product Certification System ('new system' as following); to ensure the validity of implementing new system in interim and relief the burthen of enterprise who wants to change the certificate, there are some requirements for the exchange between new system and old system as following:
1 Exchange Scope of Certificate
The products in 'First Product Catalogue of China Compulsory Certification' ('Catalogue' as following) which have been certificated by old system, can apply for related certificate of new system according to certificate exchange procedure.
1) Certificate of Quality Permission System of product safety for import/export issued by China Quality Certification Centre for import/export (CQC)
2) Certificate of Electrical Equipment Safety Certification issued by China Commission for Conformity Certification of Electrical Equipment (CCEE)
3) Certificate of Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification issued by China Certification Centre for Electromagnetic Compatibility
4) Certificate of Product Safety Certification organized by former State Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau for products in 'Catalogue', issued by the authorized certification bodies.
2 Detail Requirements for certificate exchange
1) The old certificate which applies for exchange should be in period of validity of related system. Those who didn't carry out supervision management according to related management system after being certificated and have no proper reason, e.g. factory didn't be follow-inspected periodically, will not be allowed to change the certificate.
2) Generally, it will not be with additional factory inspection when change the certificate, the difference inspection for factory product quality assurance ability will be done at the same time of next follow-inspection.
3) Compared with old system, if there is something added/changed in the product testing standard/item of new system, it is allowed to change to new certificate after the added/changed content is re-tested/re-checked.
4) If the product standard is being updating, certification institute should set up simple and convenient confirm procedure, and complete it at the same time with change for certificate of China Compulsory Certification, according to the principle of 'the product standard changes do not mean the product with the former standard isn't safe'.
5) Generally, when changing the certificates, one old certificate can change one new certificate, it can not be consolidated and separated. But if one certificate was issued to several factories of the same type, it is allowed to be separated for each factory. In principle, it does not need sampling inspection in this kind of certificate change separated by unit, and will be confirmed in follow-inspection.
6) Certification institute should inquire the record information of former certification when re-checking to change a certificate, reduce the documents that applicant should submit as few as possible.
3 other things important
1) The certificates which have been forced by related state departments, or have been brought into new system and can well joint with new system, such as Quality License for export, Manufacture License for industrial product, Net entrance License for telecom terminal equipment, 'Catalogue of Manufacturer and Product of vehicle/vehicle upgrading/motorcycle in the country' and such, are not in the scope of which can apply to change certificate by procedure. But when applying for certification of new system, certification institute should not inspect and re-charge for the parts with same inspection standard, if applicant has related valid certificates.
2) The products with certificate of old system but out of new 'Catalogue' are not in this scope of which can apply to change certificates; it will be carried out for holding/changing the certificate according to the next arrangement for CGC Voluntary Product Certification System by State Certification and Accreditation Administration.
Certification institute should make corresponding procedures for different conditions according to the requirements above, and write simple application letter format to provide convenience to the applicant.

21st March, 2002

The Process of CCC Certification For New Application

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