Implementation Rules for CCC Compulsory Certification of Helmets

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CCC mark,CCC certification,china ccc certification application,ccc china compulsory certification applying
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Implementation Rules for CCC Compulsory Certification of Helmets

Implementation Rules for CCC Compulsory Certification of Helmets

Helmets for Motorcycle Users

Announced on April 1, 2002 Implemented on May 1, 2002

Issued by Certification and Accreditation Administration of People’s Republic of China

1 Scope
This document applies to the products of motorcycle helmet
2 Definition
The definition of motorcycle helmet sees GB 811-1998 Helmets for motorcycle users
3 Certification model
Type testing + Initial inspection in the factory + Follow-up inspection
4 General requirements for certification(
4.1 Application for certification(
4.1.1 Classification of application unit
The products made by different factories should not be in the same unit.
The different configurations of the products should not be in the same unit.
The products made of different materials should not be in the same unit.
The different sizes of the products should not be in the same unit.
4.1.2 Application documents
The documents of certification application see the Appendix 1.
4.2 Type testing
4.2.1 The rules of sample delivery
The sample should be delivered according to certification application unit.
4.2.2 Sample delivery The sample for type testing should be delivered by the applicant. Six samples should be delivered for each certification application unit. Handles of the tested samples and/or the relating documents
The tested samples and/or the relating documents should be handled in appropriate ways after type testing.
4.2.3 The references and items for type testing
Test items see Appendix 2.
Test should refer to the standard of GB 811-1998 Helmets for motorcycle users
4.3 Initial inspection in the factory
4.3.1 Contents of inspection Assessment of factory's quality assurance ability
The assessment should be carried out according to the Requirements for Factory's Quality Assurance Ability (see the Aappendix 3). Check of consistency of the product
a) The labels of applied products
b) The configuration and the characteristic items of applied products
c) Sample test for applied products. If necessary, the sample should be delivered to test in certified test laboratory. Inspection scope
The processing sites should be covered in inspection of factory quality assurance ability . All the products to be certified should be covered in check of consistency of the products.
4.3.2 The opportunity of inspection
Normally, initial inspection in the factory should be carried out after the sample had passed the type testing. The type testing and inspection in the factory can be carried out at same time, if necessary.
The duration of inspection in the factory should be determined by the amounts of application units of products that to be certified and with the consideration of the scale of the factory. It normally takeS about 2 to 6 persion day for each factory.
4.4 Evaluation of certification results and approval of certification
Evaluation of type testing result will be made by the certified test laboratry. Evaluation of initial factory inspection will be made by the team of inspection in the factory. Approval of certification will be made by certification body.
4.4.1 Evaluation of type testing result
If the results of all the test items meet the requirements of the standard, the result of type testing can be regarded as “pass”. If a few defects of the test items are found but easily be improved, it is allowed to deliver samples again and retest them. If any defect appears again in the retest, the result of type test will be “Fail”.
4.4.2 Evaluation of initial factory inspection If there is not any non-conformity found during whole inspection, the initial inspection of the factory is regarded as “Pass”. If there are slight non-conformities found which do not adversely affect the safety standard for certification product, the factory shall take corrective actions within specified time. If the actions are regarded as effective by inspection team, the initial inspection in the factory is regarded as “Pass”. If there are serious non-conformities and/or the factory does not have the ability to produce the products, which conform to relevant standards, the inspection will then be terminated.
4.4.3 Approval of certification
Both type testing and factory inspection are evaluated as “Pass”, the certification body will issue certificate (one certificate for each application unit).
4.4.4 Time frame
The time frame of certification indicates the actual working days from the acceptance of application till the issuance of the certificates. It includes the time of type testing, reports submission after factory inspection, evaluation of certification results and approval of certification, preparing of the certificates, etc.
Type testing takes 20 working days.
Normally, the inspection reports should be submitted within 5 working days.
Evaluating certification results, approving the certification and preparing the certificates should normally be completed within 5 working days.
4.5 Follow-up inspection
4.5.1 Frequency of follow-up inspection The follow-up inspection shall normally be started at 12 months after the certificate being granted and should be carried out at least once a year The frequency of follow-up inspection should be increased in any of the following cases:
a) The certified product has serious quality problem, its safety and quality are accused by clients, and these had been verified to be the responsibility of certificate holder.
b) The certification body doubts the conformity of the certified products with the relevant standards with sufficient reasons.
c) Sufficient information indicates that the conformity or the consistency of certified products might be varied due to the changes in organization structure, production condition and the quality control system of the manufacturer and /or factories.
4.5.2 Contents of the follow-up inspection Re-assessment of the factory quality assurance ability
The re-assessment scope of the factory quality assurance ability should cover all the contents of Appendix 3 within 4 years since the certificate has been granted. The re-assessment of each factory normally takes 1 to 2 person day.
From the 5th year, the factory quality assurance ability should be assessed completely according to Appendix 3. The contents and time frame of inspection will be the same as that of the initial inspection in the factory. Check of consistency of product
The check should be carried out on the spot according to articles and of the rules after the certificate being granted.
4.5.3 Handling of the follow-up inspection results
The certification can be kept validity and the certification marks can be continuously used upon favorable inspection results. If any non-conformity were found in the follow-up inspection, the corrective actions should be taken within one month. Otherwise, the certificates will be withdrawn, the certification marks will be stopped using, and the relevant results will be announced.
5 The Certificate
5.1 The validity of the certificate(
The validity of the certificate depends on the follow-up inspection.(The certificate of the products covered by this Rule does not indicate specific expiry date.)
5.2 Changes of the products covered by the certificate(
For changes of the range of products covered by the same unit of certified products, the certificate holder shall first submit application . The certification body should check the consistency of the changed products against the certified products and confirm the applicability of the original certification results to the changed products and carry out the additional test or inspection based on the differences.After approval, either a separate certificate can be issued or the original certificate can be updated at the request of the certificate holder.
5.3 Suspension, cancellation, and withdrawal of the certificates(
If the certification holder violates the rules and other regulations for compulsory certification, the certificate will be suspended, canceled and withdrawn, and the certificate mark will be stopped using according to the Regulation for Compulsory Product Certification.
6 Use of compulsory product certification mark(
The certificate holder shall follow the Regulations for Compulsory Product Certification Mark.
6.1 The mark type permitted to use
6.2 Application of the mark
The certifacate holder should apply the certification mark on an exposed location on the motorcycle helmet products with affixing standard-size marks.
7 Charge The certification shall be charged by the certification body according to the national statutory structural fee chart.

1.The technical conditions of manufacturer related to the test items of the product certification (National standards,factory standards, technical conditions,etc.) 2.Description of product configuration and its character
2.1Description of helmet configuration and its character sees table 1.
2.2Appearance pictures(each for front and lateral view)
3.Test reports relating to the product certification
4.General information of the manufacturer
4.1 The copies of registered product licence and trade mark's certifacte
4.2 Production condition (annual output and production history of the applied products)
4.3 Registration form of key supplied components and row materials (including name, model, size,supplier, test items)
4.4 Registration form of the manufacturer’s main testing devices and equipments (including name, model, specification, number, accuracy and period of calibration)
4.5the contents of quality control system and organization block(diagram)
5.User's Guide or manual book
6. Others

China CCC Certification Application Guideline

China CCC Mark Application Guideline

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