CCC Label Application-Motorcycle Exterior Lighting and Light Signal Device Products

CCC mark,CCC certification,china ccc certification application,ccc china compulsory certification applying
CCC mark,CCC certification,china ccc certification application,ccc china compulsory certification applying
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CCC Label Application-Motorcycle Exterior Lighting and Light Signal Device Products

CCC Label Application-Motorcycle Exterior Lighting and Light Signal Device Products

This regulation applies to all kinds of exterior lighting and light signal device(named 'light fitting' in the following) for motorcycle and moped.It doesn't apply to retro-reflector.
Regulation of CCC label use:CCC certificate holder should conform to regulation for Compulsory Certification CCC Label Management Rules:
Admitted use of CCC label:CCCs
CCC label process and position:CCC label should be printed or impressed at the surface of light mirror or proper position on the accessory,with factory code around the label.It should be recognized after installing the accessory on the car.
Regulation of label charge:uniformly charged by CCC label grant and manage administration according to related regulations.Details see notice of CCC label charge.
CCC certification holder should apply for self-printing/impressing CCC label according to following procedures:
1) Fill in 'Application Form for Printing/Impressing CCC label': (Form I and II) with the seal of applicant.
2) Offer CCC certification copy of product that has processed CCC label.
3) Offer nameplate sample with CCC label pattern and factory code and product type.If product without nameplate,offer design proposal for CCC label directly processed at the body of product.
4) Offer product design proposal if applicant requires to print CCC label on packing container,packing box,packing bag or qualified certificate.
5) CCC label grant and manage administration should approve design proposal application of printing/impressing submitted by applicant according to following:
⑴ The form and content of nameplate should be same as sample submitted by applicant.
⑵ The pattern of CCC label should be in linear proportion to dimension of standard specification certification label.Its bottom and color of pattern may properly be chosen according to product outline and whole drawing of nameplate.
⑶ Product related factory code should be below CCC label.CCC label grant and manage administration will notify applicant to correct design proposal if it doesn't meet requirements.
6) CCC label grant and manage administration will send notice of label charge by post if it meets requirements.
7) CCC label grant and manage administration will send Notification of Printing/Impressing CCC label Permission to applicant after making the confirmation of all payments(enter the certain account).
8) Applicant may apply correcting printing/impressing application to CCC label grant and manage administration,which will be accepted as new application.
Printing and Impressing CCC Label Application link:
Contact way of printing/impressing application:Tel:8621-51095580-805;Fax:8621-51095580-807.
CCC certificate holder should apply purchasing CCC label according to following:
1.Enterprise may purchase CCC label if it has CCC certificate or clear copy of CCC certificate, and its status is valid.
2.The status of CCC certificate should be valid.Applicant cannot purchase CCC label temporarily if the status is stop,cancel or invalid.Note:applicant may purchase CCC label if the reason of certificate stop is not purchase CCC label.
3.Applicant should be full name of enterprise or certificate holder rather than person,refer to certificate.If applicant is not the owner of certificate holder,he should submit Trust Deed: authorized by applicant of certificate.
4.Type of CCC label:S,EMC,S&E,F,I and no type.Refer to national standard GB and implement rules of compulsory product certification,or contact us.
5.Size of CCC label:6 kinds of standard specification label:8mm,15mm,30mm,45mm,60mm and 60mm (reverse).Charge standard: less products,in most case,there is not rules for the size of CCC label on the product.It will be rectified if the size does not meet requirements.
6.Fill in 'Application Form for Purchasing CCC Label': Minimum quantity is one sheet.Type of CCC label should be related to product.(According to compulsory product catalogue,if digits 7th to 10th of products CCC certificate number are the same,can be treated as same categorized product,can purchase same type of CCC label.)
7.Product name in the application form should be the product related to CCC certificate,the product should be according to content of CCC certificate.
8.Applicant may add pages if he has many certificates to purchase CCC label.
9.Form of fax: Country-Region-Tel-Ext
Link of Application Form for Purchasing CCC Label:
10.Applicant in China should seal on the application form.Applicant who is not the applicant of the certificate should have trust deed with the seal of applicant authorized by applicant of certificate,the authorized party can purchase CCC label.
All rules above should be implemented according to Compulsory Certification label Management Rules.
Link of Compulsory Certification CCC label Management Rules:
Contact way of CCC label application:Tel:8621-51095580-805;Fax:8621-51095580-807.

Process of Purchasing CCC label:

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